Our Services


  • One team philosophy that takes a comprehensive approach to development and turn-key construction of “green” and LEED-certified office buildings, warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing and cold storage facilities, specialized industrial facilities, and commercial and retail buildings
  • Ground up, new construction, inclusive of all approvals, entitlements, pre-construction requirements, tax inducements, and contract procurement
  • Physical rehabilitation, upgrading, and substantial renovation of undervalued real estate assets
  • Construction management supervision, inclusive of delivery and start-up


  • Deployment of capital to acquire high-value net lease commercial and industrial properties in strategic locations
  • Acquisition of land and undervalued real estate assets for future development, conversion, and/or repositioning
  • Recognition of opportunistic market conditions to leverage value creation openings for investment in acquired properties and underutilized real estate assets


  • Active, daily management of our owned portfolio with the goal of attaining a high level of tenant satisfaction, optimal performance, streamlined efficiencies, and cost control 
  • Proactive and direct communication and consultation with tenants, customers, and their representatives, and timely response to their requirements and concerns
  • Strategies to make real estate assets more convenient and flexible to tenants and customers in a digital and on-demand economy


  • In-house marketing of our owned portfolio of real estate properties and services
  • Commitment to partner and network with professional brokerage community to provide maximum exposure to market opportunities