About Us

Israel Brown (1939-1952)

Bernard Brown (1952-2019)

Anne E. Koons (2019-Present)

Vineland Construction Co. is a family-owned and operated business, founded in 1939 by Israel Brown

Vineland Construction was established by Israel Brown, the owner and operator of a small trucking company headquartered in Vineland, New Jersey, a South Jersey community well-known for its glass manufacturing industry and for being one of the largest agricultural centers in the Eastern United States. As he acquired real estate properties for his hauling operations and for investment, Mr. Brown’s real estate business expanded. This progress led him to assemble an in-house workforce to acquire and construct industrial and commercial buildings for his customers and other businesses.

In 1952, Israel Brown relinquished control and ownership of his trucking and real estate businesses to his son, Bernard. Under Bernard Brown’s leadership, the trucking business, then known as National Freight, and real estate operations flourished and grew nationwide. During his long career, he was widely respected in the transportation industry as a trucking executive and as the owner of a large and diversified real estate portfolio. 

Today Bernard Brown’s three sons operate the former National Freight as NFI Industries, one of the largest family-owned logistics and transportation companies in the United States. 

In 2019, Bernard’s daughter, Anne E. Koons, a highly successful real estate businessperson for almost 40 years, assumed control of Vineland Construction following her father’s retirement. Anne Koons continues the legacy of her father, providing strong leadership and direction to our daily operations. Anne is well known for implementing business strategies and utilizing new real estate tools, which she combines with traditional business practices to achieve high performance and delivery.

Our Tenants

Vineland Construction has had the good fortune to conduct business with many well-known national, regional and local companies in a wide variety of industries, that have placed their confidence and trust in us to find the right homes for their businesses.

Our Locations

We are actively acquiring new locations and building new properties every year. Let us know where your business needs to be, and we’ll make it happen.