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Our mission is to provide the best real estate solution for your business...

For more than 80 years, we have developed and constructed industrial, retail, and office properties and land parcels throughout the eastern United States, earning the trust and confidence of the brokers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who work with us. Our real estate portfolio has grown to over 2 million square feet. These properties are available for lease and sale to our customers at affordable prices, with flexible business terms.

Our success and longevity are due to the quality of our portfolio, which offers a wide and varied selection of properties to satisfy your real estate requirements. We invite you to browse through our extensive listings to learn more about our available buildings and land parcels in New Jersey and throughout the eastern United States. We’ll help you find a strategic location, a property that meets or can be adapted to your business’s operational requirements, affordable pricing, a flexible deal structure, and a competitive package of economic incentives (often including tax credits, lower real estate taxes, and cheaper utility costs).