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We’ll help you find a strategic location, a property that meets or can be adapted to your business’s operational requirements, affordable pricing, a flexible deal structure, and a competitive package of economic incentives (often including tax credits, lower real estate taxes, and cheaper utility costs).

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Vineland Construction Co. is a family-owned and operated business, founded in 1939 by Israel Brown

Israel’s son, Bernard Brown, has grown the business from a small company with a few properties in Vineland, New Jersey, into a flourishing full-service real estate business operating in seven states. Today Vineland Construction Co. provides marketing, financing, development, construction, and management services for a mixed portfolio of multi-story office buildings, big-box warehouses and distribution centers, cross-docks, manufacturing facilities, and maintenance facilities, as well as commercial shopping and retail centers. We are committed to excellence, integrity, innovation, and social responsibility.

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We’re honored to work with many of the leading companies in New Jersey and around the nation. Our satisfied clients include:

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Vineland, New Jersey, is a great place to do business

Why Vineland? Here are some things you might not know about our business growth, labor pool, and financial incentives:

At one time Vineland was well known for its glass-manufacturing industry, which benefited from the availability of quality sand in the soil. Local manufacturers produced high-quality laboratory glass and tubing, vacuum bottles, and decorative glass. Many of these facilities have closed or relocated due to overseas competition, but a few glass manufacturers have remained.

Vineland is the largest municipality in the State of New Jersey, with an area of 70 square miles in size.

The city of Vineland was founded by Charles K. Landis in 1861 as a utopian planned agricultural community. Thanks to Vineland’s fertile soil, temperate climate, and long growing season, large family-owned farms still prosper here. A growing food-processing industry is also located in Vineland and surrounding areas.

Vineland is one of the most important agricultural centers in the eastern United States. The Vineland Cooperative Produce Auction Association is the largest produce cooperative in the United States, handling 95% of all produce auction sales in southern New Jersey and 75% of all produce sales in the state.

Twice voted one of the "best places to live in New Jersey" by Money magazine, Cumberland County offers affordable housing, an economical business location, excellent highways and rail service, a competitive regulatory climate, an abundance of beautiful natural resources, and picturesque scenery.

Thomas B. Welch, a dentist and active church parishioner from Vineland, invented a pasteurized, unfermented grape juice for use as a nonalcoholic wine in church services. The juice is successfully marketed today as Welch’s Grape Juice.

Mary Treat, a Vineland naturalist, was a colleague of Charles Darwin.

Walter Lewis Shaw, an inventor from Vineland, is responsible for call forwarding, conference calling, and the speaker phone.

Victor Durand Jr., a Vineland glass manufacturer, started the award-winning and highly valued collection of artistic glass known as Durand Art Glass.

Properties in Vineland are eligible for Grow New Jersey Incentives, which are incentive tax credits paid out annually for ten years. The amount per job created or retained is based on the industry and capital investment. The base amount at our properties is $5,000 to $7,000 per employee and can go as high as $11,000 with bonuses. In the past year, Grow New Jersey Incentive has granted awards for relocation or expansion ranging from $1.6 to $13.7 million to several companies in the Vineland area.

Vineland is an Urban Enterprise Zone, a state designation that entitles our customers to obtain certain tax incentives, such as collecting a state sales tax of only 3.5% on transactions, allowing certain tax-free purchases, avoiding energy taxes for manufacturing firms, subsidies for unemployment insurance, and either a $1,500 maximum tax credit for each new permanent full-time employee or an 8% maximum corporate business tax credit on qualified investments.

The Cumberland County One Stop Career Center offers businesses a savings in hiring costs by pre-screening job applicants, increasing your chances of finding the right employees. Even better, Cumberland County will pay 50% of employee wages during the first six to eight weeks of employment—substantial savings, especially for a large workforce.

For businesses looking to relocate, Vineland offers a large labor pool and competitive labor costs that other communities will not be able to match. The median age of the Cumberland County population is 33 years old. Almost 60% of the workforce is in the manufacturing and service industries. Labor costs are generally lower in Cumberland County than in other counties in the surrounding mid-Atlantic area. For basic starting positions, the standard wage rate is $8.00 to $9.00 per hour.

It’s hard to beat our location. We are conveniently located between several major urban centers and ports. Thanks to the accessibility of several highways, from Vineland you can drive to Philadelphia or Atlantic City in an average of 45 minutes, New York City or Baltimore in two hours, and Washington, D.C. in three hours.

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We proudly support local charities and community organizations

Vineland Construction Co. has deep roots in Vineland, New Jersey, where we’ve been doing business for more than 75 years. We’re committed to helping our community grow.

“Every person I dealt with within your group or contracted group displayed pride in what they were doing and delivering in the final product.”

— Burberry Wholesale Limited